Brian in the News

Capital Times primary election coverage of the District 10 alder race:

Dane County League of Women Voters candidate Q&A:

League of Women Voters “Know your Candidate” District 10 forum:

Brian’s candidate interview with Isthmus reporter Kristian Knutsen:

Coverage of Brian and Lynne's adoption on WKOW 27 news:

Brian’s editorial against the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage:

Capital Times story reporting Brian’s candidacy for District 10 alder:

Dane 101 posting regarding Brian’s candidacy for District 10 alder:

Brian's Isthmus cover story against the death penalty:

Brian speaking at the EOC Press Conference against the gay marriage amendment:

Doug Moe’s column on Brian’s book, Sequestered (Goblin Fern Press, 2005):

Brian’s editorial against pitting neighborhood against neighborhood:

Brian’s editorial against the Nazi demonstration:

Brian’s editorial supporting coverage of Rae Vogeler’s Senate campaign:

Brian’s editorial supporting family values:

Brian’s editorial supporting humane treatment of animals:

Brian’s editorial mourning Hedi Rudd’s move to Las Vegas:

Article quoting Brian’s testimony supporting Monroe Commons:

Dave Zweifel’s article praising prolific Madison editorial writers, including Brian:

Brian’s editorial against a “separate but equal” article by John Leo:

Lesley Rogers Barrett article on Brian’s book (Sequestered) and his participation as a juror on the Dan Kutz murder trial:

Article quoting Brian as President of D-MNA on Ken Kopp’s grocery store site:

Authorized by Friends of Brian Solomon, Ken Golden, Treasurer